Reboot & Return

From time to time, I have endeavoured to make changes to the site. From smaller changes like colours and themes, to larger changes like servers and softwares. Much like moving the furniture in a room or changing the paint on the walls, it is a chance for something new, fresh and hopefully enjoyable in the process. It also has its roots in my incurable sense of adventure. Finding answers to questions that start like, “What if…” and “How would it look…” often lead to even more changes. What starts out as, “I think I might like something lighter,” ends up with something lighter being an HTML5 rewrite or a radical shift from one CMS to another. I have never really written things for Our EVE with the intent of making money, making people happy or doing anything other than expressing myself and being another place to explore.

I have been doing a lot of thinking (which incidentally caused quite a few fires) about rationale and personal desires for this space, and I wanted to continue to explore. I am apologetic for taking so long to get around to it and make things different and difficult for those of you who actually read the pages and posts. I admit a certain amount of selfishness here. I will try to get some of the old stuff back, but will also try to post some new information as well. Either way, it will not be the virtual, verbal, frothing fire-hydrant that you find other places. Rather, the posting will be much more reserved and sedately paced.

While I hope you enjoy reading, I also hope you will bear with the inevitable changes and erratic thoughts.

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