Monthly Archives: February 2013

Lifestyle Review: Part II

…Both alliances and corporations need to start thinking approaching life differently from their counterparts in high-sec, low-sec and null-sec. There are aspects of all of them that apply, but there some things that need to be thought through differently. In continuation from last week, the goals and indeed needs of an alliance and or corporation […]

Lifestyle Review: Part I

From a previous life, I found a post about living in a wormhole that I wanted to resurrect both for posterity and for personal reasons. I have divided it up into parts and have posted my perspectives but am also always interested in what other people think.


I had something else in mind for today, but then there was this thing and it turned into a bigger thing. Before long it was a deal and well on its way to a Big Deal that had to be dealt with before other things also became deals. So – in substitution of other more […]